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Platformlift for very narrow staircases
  • Small radius for narrow staircases
  • Robust lifts with travel up to 85m
  • All RAL colours or in stainless steel


Platformlift for curved stairs
  • Economic and reliable platform
  • Simple and fast installation
  • All RAL colours or in stainless steel


Platformlift for straight stairs
  • Very slim and elegant lift
  • Platform size till 900x1300mm
  • For indoor and outdoor staircases


Stairlift for curved staircases
  • Stable twin rail system
  • Space saving design
  • Custom colors for seat and rail


Stairlift for straight stairs
  • Slimmest stairlift on the market
  • Robust design and smooth ride
  • Simple joystick and remote controls

Liftboy 1 / 2 / 3

Vertical platform up to 970mm
  • Optional as mobile platform
  • Inside and outside use
  • Available in any colour or inox

Liftboy 5

Vertical platform up to 1300mm
  • Lifting height up to 1300mm
  • Electrical double-scissor drive
  • Stable and robust platform


Vertical platformlift for 1829 mm
  • Very simple and robust mechanics
  • Designed for outdoor installations
  • Simple and fast to install


Vertical platformlift up to 4000 mm
  • Free standing drive tower
  • Sidewalls from tempered safety glass
  • Simple and fast to install


  • Independent use
  • Operated on water pressure
  • Made from stainless steel


Autonomous stairclimber
  • No assistent required
  • Worldwide unique solution
  • Mobile and independent

SA-3 & SA-S

Standard Stairclimbers
  • Different modern models
  • Turning on very tight landings
  • For all manual wheelchairs


Platform Stairclimber
  • Carries also electric wheelchairs
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Alternative to a platform stairlift


Vertical platformlift for train access
  • Mobile lift for train access
  • 1400mm lifting height
  • Adjustable ramps


Wheelchair Lift for Airplane Access
  • For all TIPS telescopic staircases
  • Modular design
  • One-man operation

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