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Wheelchair Lift for Airplane Access
  • For all TIPS telescopic staircases
  • Modular design
  • One-man operation


  • Independent use
  • Operated on water pressure
  • Made from stainless steel


Vertical platformlift for train access
  • Mobile lift for train access
  • 1400mm lifting height
  • Adjustable ramps
As an innovative company, we are constantly developing new special products for special requirements.Especially popular is our Poollift which allows the user to access the pool without any assistance and is driven by household water pressure only.Our PL1400 is specifically designed for use on railway station platforms. The Ikaros is a platform stairlift for height-adjustable air stairs and allows the aircrew to transport passengers comfortably and safely to the aircraft door.

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    Please send us photos or drawings of your project. In case of a stairlift the photos should show the space available for the lower stop in front of the first step.